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Morning Suits/ Tailcoats

We have one of the best formalwear ranges in the country from contemparary to traditional.

Colour matching shouldn't be an issue either with our huge range of waistcoats and cravats which come in almost any colour.



We have a huge range of Morning Suits/Tailcoats including:



Charcoal Grey

Mid Grey

Silver Grey

Royal Blue




Prices starting from £50


Prince Edward/3/4 Suits

Prince Edward Jackets or 3/4 Jackets are a little fancier than an ordinary suit but not quite as formal as tails.

This appeals to people who don't want an ordinary lounge suit but doesn't want the go the whole 9 yards with top hat and tails.

We have a very extensive range in 3/4's also with colours from ivory to black.



Prices starting from £50

Lounge Suits

More of a casual look the lounge suit has a more laid back feel. Lounge suits can be worn with a regular tie and be more business like or can be worn with a cravat and waistcoat and be more formal.

Black Jackets

Charcoal Grey

Mid Grey


Royal Blue

Prices starting from £45


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